Google Updates

Google has a couple new elements going on in its results pages. The first one is the addition of brand links for some queries.
In the ones I've seen, they appear near the top of the results, just below the top paid listings. They are not links to the sites of these brands, however. They are links to SERPs for queries that incorporate those brands into them. For example, clicking "Wilson" in the footballs example will take me to results page for "wilson footballs".

Another SEO Contest 2010

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If you are in the SEO Industry, you might know and heard this latest contest. opens for seo contest which the target keyword phrase is "oes tsetnoc" - when you reverse the words, it is "seo contest". If you are interested, try to participate. I am ready to join this competition depsite my hectic schedules. I am sure it would be a good idea to gain more experiences from this event and related to Search Engine Optimization. There is a room for improvement if I join this competition.

I will open a new blog site for this contest, and I will optimize well. I will keep posting the latest article related to the seo contest and search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Guides for Beginners

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the factor or strategy to increase your website visitors and rank high in the search engine. Through the use of search term, it must be relevant/related to the topic you are looking for.

2 Types of SEO:
* On-site SEO
* Off-site SEO

What is On-site SEO?
* On-site SEO is optimizing the page / web page so that the Search Engine Spider or Crawler will read your content and will use to display in the search results. If you have optimized or your are optimizing your web page, make sure is in correct way and you follow the search engine rules to prevent your website getting banned.

What is Off-site SEO?

* Off site SEO is gaining or increasing backlinks / inbound links.
What is Backlink? Backlink - a link at another site, pointing to your site.

How to optimize website with the use of On site Factor.
These are the steps or guides to be followed.
- must have a unique title on every page (keyword term in the title is a big plus).
- must have a meta tags on every page (meta description, meta keywords, meta robot if needed).
- your have to use or pud headings tag (H1, H2 .... H6).
- image optimization (with alternate text : alt="").
- anchor optimization (with title tag : title="").
- keyword link text must target the relevant keyword for increasing the website rank.

How to increase your website rank in the Search Engine Results?
* At first, it is so hard. If your website is new and less than 1 month, it is so hard your website to rank at the top. Be patience, you will come there. If you follow / you are following my SEO Guides, there are possibility your website rank will increase in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing (Top Search Engines.)

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