Google Updates

Google has a couple new elements going on in its results pages. The first one is the addition of brand links for some queries.
In the ones I've seen, they appear near the top of the results, just below the top paid listings. They are not links to the sites of these brands, however. They are links to SERPs for queries that incorporate those brands into them. For example, clicking "Wilson" in the footballs example will take me to results page for "wilson footballs".

SEO Tutorial for the SEO Beginner

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What I have found out for the SEO beginners. I just let you remind for those who want to learn the seo basic. I'll give you some tips about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, just downlaod the SEO software called "SEO In a Nutshell". You do not need to read a lot of complicated SEO books to get better ranking on top Search Engines.

SEO In a Nutshell is a booklet that guide all you need to do to get page rank and a good ranking in all leading or top Search Engines with a complete but simple checklists guide you to step by step to higher Search Engine ranking success.

SEO In a Nutshell, a simple and a basic SEO tutorial.


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