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Google has a couple new elements going on in its results pages. The first one is the addition of brand links for some queries.
In the ones I've seen, they appear near the top of the results, just below the top paid listings. They are not links to the sites of these brands, however. They are links to SERPs for queries that incorporate those brands into them. For example, clicking "Wilson" in the footballs example will take me to results page for "wilson footballs".

November 2008: Update Google Adwords Quality Score

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Google has reported to their Adwords blog which two new changes are coming to the Adwords Quality Score.

These are the details:
First, Google Quality Score Calculation Score is in need to change an ad's CTR based on the ad's position. It is not completely new change as Google has always normalized the CTR based on the ad position. Now, they are updating the issue of existing technology that they have already been using for the ad position calculation. or calculating the ad position. Using fresher and more updated data that will ensure greater accurate Adwords Quality Score.

Second, How some ads promoted to the top position. The changing of formula is used to move an ad instead from right side of page move to the listings on top of the organic results. As we know if an ad in the first position did not meet the promotion quality requirements, the ad in the second listing did meet the threshold then the second ad would not be promoted. The update or changes in place, these ads will be move and jump above the ad in the first position and promoted to the top position or top listing.

Advertisers would need to concentrate on this changes more on the ad copies and their promotional qualities particular the second one about how some ads are promoted to the top position.


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